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Choosing the plan for SlutCraft 0.37: Your decision matters!

Posted by ShadowPortalTeam - September 27th, 2023

Hello friends! We've successfully launched: the first group of patrons have already received their copy of the game and are probably already enjoying the new update to SlutCraft. As for the rest of you, hang in there - the wave of excitement is just around the corner! 😏

However, today there will be a lot of text, because the development of version 0.37 depends on it, this is a big deal. This will be a kind of spoiler for those who haven't played the new version of the game, but we'll try to be careful not to tell you the gist of it. You already know from the changelog (and some already from the game) that there are three plans from three characters in the update. As the characters debate, they waver between options, siding with one or the other, but the final decision awaits us in the next update - and it will determine Sarah's finale. That's why we say it's a big deal.

And now let's get to the point: in the next update we won't be able to give you all three options at once - because we plan to start with a single route in 0.37. Rest assured, we will eventually implement all three paths, but it will happen gradually, patch by patch. Right now, we are asking you to prepare to vote for the character path whose plan you like best. In other words, you will vote for the plan that will be implemented first. 💯

Yes, we realize, it's really unfair, we can't tell you the consequences of each path and what will be waiting for our characters, but you have to follow your intuition, feel it out, and decide which path is more to your liking. We will open the curtain a little bit, there will not be any tricks or anything, the paths will really correspond to the type of character who proposed the idea.

We're all in the same boat, folks - time is of the essence. As soon as our fans decide which way to go, we'll make an announcement on that right away.

Honestly, it seems crazy, but it's amazing - when else will players be able to determine their own content roadmap for updates? It's a chance for us to prove ourselves, and a chance for you to get exactly what you've been asking for, from the get-go.

Oh, by the way, we've got a little something interesting in mind. In the voting post, we will show what path our team members are voting for. I think this should be a very interesting point, to find out what the team wants to focus on. Let us remind you that all three endings are in Arthur's head, the team is partially familiar with their basic concepts, but only he knows everything in detail.

Vote if you've already checked out the story of the 0.36 update, or hurry back once you've played it, and together we'll determine the immediate future of SlutCraft! The voting post will be up very soon!

That's it for today friends, this long but very important post has come to an end. Thank you for reading and participating in the journey of our project. We will be back soon with the announcement of the 0.37 update.

Sincerely yours,

Shadow Portal Team




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