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Camelot: The Game [ver.0.51] Eng

2017-02-01 12:05:29 by ShadowPortalTeam

Greetings knights and henchmen. This is the time for (long overdue) release of Camelot: The Game.
New journeys await our hero full of new acquaintances and unexpected meetings. In this update we've put a lot of work in the world building and secondary characters. Unlike linear story in the demo (which is called "chapter 1" from now on), this version offers a lot of detailed side quests to enrich the ambience.

What's new:


  • This minor update includes optimised assets handling which should solve crashes due to memory leaks and also some other bugfixes.


  • Added 22 game locations.
  • A lot of new characters to meet and events to see.
  • New background music to enrich the game world.
  • More than 3 hours of gameplay.
  • Quest log. Use it if you unsure where to go and what to do.
  • World map and fast travel. With the new engine comes new ways to make traveling more convinient.

Download links:

Google drive: Camelot: The Game [ver0.51] Eng
Mega:  Camelot: The Game [ver0.51] Eng

Installation and launch guide:

1) Unpack the archive using 7zip or similar tool. 
2) Launch [Game.exe]

Have a good time playing and don't forget to provide feedback about the game. 

Best regards
Shadow Portal Team.

P.S. New translator's note:

I have been drafted into this project about a week ago. At that time most of the lines were translated by the artist so my task was to translate the rest to make the game ready for release. However, I've noticed that artist's translation requires some clean-up. However, the game release was already delayed and pushing the deadline even further was hardly an option. That's why it was decided to release the game as is and make the version with fixed translation shortly after. Hopefully in the first week of February.

But don't let that stop you from playing the game right now. There's a big chunk of text related to side quests (my initial task) and I've managed to fix a sizeable portion of the main story. Hopefully that would be something to keep you entertained for now.

I know that I just said something that's you never supposed to say as a member of game development team but I feel it's my duty to be completely honest with you. Stay tuned for updates!



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