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February review and build for Mac OS

2017-03-05 10:03:56 by ShadowPortalTeam

Hello again. This is the time to review the progress we have made in the February. Here's a rundown of what we accomplished in this month.

  • Released 2 minor game versions which included improved translation of chapter 2 and memory handling optimisations.
  • Ported the game for MacOS (Links bellow)
  • Completed writing the main storyline for the next update and finalising work on side quests (The Chicken asks to send you her love)
  • Made 4 out of 6 characters for the next update.
  • Created the required locations.
  • Translation pass on chapter 1 is 60% completed.
  • Work on the new music is in progress.
  • Fixed some gamebreaking bugs.

But there'still a lot of work to do and no time to waste.
We also continuing to search for new artists and even found a couple.

Download links for MacOS version on our Patreon


First unpack it.
Then you need to set run permissions for these files. Helper Helper EH Helper Helper NP Helper

This can be done either in the file's info window, or by running 'chmod +x' on them in the terminal Without these permissions the game won't run. 


Best regards
Shadow Portal Team.


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